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Unlock, unblock and tap in

Creativity is a noble pursuit. But it doesn’t have to be a solitary one. The VENIVIDI creative community can help us all connect, share, learn from and lean on each other. Join us, won’t you?


The Gradually Great Podcast

In each episode, Andrea and guests dig into what living and working creatively is all about

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Recent Podcasts

Recent Podcasts


Thoughts, observations & occasional advice about being

a squiggle in a land of parallel lines


Oh, hello there

I'm Andrea Hoffmann and we're in this together

VENIVIDI is the community I’ve always looked for. As a life-long writer, it’s been a challenge to find my creative tribe.I set out to build a place for people from all walks of creative life to click. Come on in to collaborate, ideate, and elevate. The world needs us.

Being relentlessly creative takes courage. It helps to
have a cheering squad"

- Andrea Hoffmann

My Love List

5 things to check out

I come across cool stuff, interesting books, awesome sites and amazing things all the time. This ever-changing list is what's got me most jazzed at the moment and I just have to share. Check back often; this will keep changing.

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