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I'm always on the hunt for interesting, inspiring, helpful things that amuse or amaze me. This is where I share them. Check often because the list changes. If you love them, let me know. And, if you have suggestions of your own, send 'em my way! Community subscribers will get a monthly roundup email (which might have a few extras included.)

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The Third Door

By Alex Banayan

I’m so glad this book was recommended to me, and I’m happy to share. By the end, I found myself feeling like Alex Banayan was meant to be my friend. Not only do I admire his gumption, amazement at his own life’s journey, and positive attitude, but the part at the end about his dad… I won’t ruin it for you. I’ll definitely be buying this for people and re-reading it again myself.

RX Bars

It’s hard for me to find healthy-ish snacks that won’t rot or get smushed in my purse when I’m on the go. Even as a breakfast solution when I’m sick of the usual, RX Bars are my salvation. No crap. No guilt. And when the seasonal pumpkin ones come out… bonus!

A Man Called Ove by

Fredrik Backman

I love this story. I especially love Backman’s character development of the very flawed Ove. Despite his idiosyncrasies, I couldn’t help but like him, root for him, and miss him when it ended. They’re making the book into a movie, and I hope they do him justice.

Nantucket Spider Bug Repellent

Mosquitoes love me… a lot. I not a fan of chemical bug repellent. And, all the non-chemical stuff I’ve concocted on my own hasn’t exactly been effective. So, I’m super thankful I found this fantastic stuff. Stock up and kiss the biting bugs goodbye.

Binaural Beats

Can sound waves reduce anxiety, improve sleep and unlock creativity? There are conflicting camps on this. But, I will say that binaural beats are relaxing, even if you just tune in for 20 minutes a day and breathe deep.

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