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But I don't have TIME

You say it. I've said it. It's the best and most TRUE excuse in the world. And, guess what? I'm calling B.S. on it!

You make time for what matters. PEERYID.

We're ALL super busy. I don't understand what's happening, actually. Technology was supposed to make us more efficient, but I think it's just made us more ACCESSIBLE and therefore busier because you can no longer hide from work, teachers, coaches, carpools, Evites, and such. Ring. Ping. Brrring. They can always find you.

Listen, I get it. It's so easy to put the non-necessities on the back burner--your dream of being self-employed being one of those "non-necessities." As long as you feel that way, you'll stay that way.

You have more time than you think.

Let me put it this way: if you kid breaks her arm, you will find time to get to the emergency room for 3 hours, the orthopedist the next day and physical therapy twice a week for three months after the cast comes off. You will MAKE time. Because you have no choice.

Treat your dream the same way. You have no choice. You need it to happen. When you want it as much as you want to breathe, you'll make the time. You'll squeeze it in, or you'll sacrifice something that's really just a nasty little time suck--like cat videos and the 4th episode of some house flipping show. If you WANT it, you'll carve out minutes for it.

So, let's get real with ourselves... do we WANT it? If you're screaming Heck, yeah! right now, you're part of my tribe. Let's freakin make this happen already. 

For the next six months, skip the Neflix binges and binge on things that will help you move the needle. Read, watch, listen. ABSORB. Build the arsenal of information you can apply to your business.


Chunk your time. If you're like me, you're easily distractable. So, I used my handy-dandy iPhone to chunk my time in 30 minute increments:

30 minutes to check and respond to email

30 minutes to make miscellaneous phone calls to doctors, exterminators and that chimney sweeping company that won't leave me alone

30 minutes to write a blog post (so, I apologize for the typos)

30 minutes to get to the post office and dry cleaners

30 minutes to work on a course

30 minutes to edit a podcast

Get the picture? This helps me manage my creative ADD.

If a task is going to require more than 30 min, fine. Set it up in a way that works for you. But, then when that alarm rings, drop the task and honor the schedule. I build in 30 min for getting the day's recap when the kids burst through the door and for shooting the breeze about potty training with my sister. while I clean out the fridge--yeah, I'm a house-cleaning multi-tasker. I never talk on the phone without doing a quiet chore, like Swiffering or folding laundry. But when that alarm rings, Adios. Gotta go. I have a dream I'm chasing here and I need to make time for everything otherwise I have time for nothing.

Some days, I feel like a drunk squirrel chasing my tail with a mouth full of seeds. (Hey, I'm just being honest.) But, I want it. Do you?

Make the time. Make the change. Make the magic. 

All the best,


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