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I’m waiting to walk into my annual mammogram. This is no one’s idea of fun. But, it always gets me thinking. Maybe it’s macabre, but every time I sit here, I think, “Ok, ok, I’m fine…. But what if I’m not?”

My grandmother had breast cancer. My friend up the street had it. My old business partner had it, too. My daughter’s former teacher just had a double mastectomy.

My fears aren’t unfounded.

But, I’m using them to inspire me (and you) and to kick our collective butts into gear. Because, what if?

When you face your own mortality, you start taking stock and evaluating. 

Have I been grateful enough?

Have I loved hardest?

Did I take the shot?

Did I do enough?

Have I honored this life I’ve been given?

Did I find purpose?

Did I chase the dream?

Will my ideas die with me?

You’ve likely seen the Steve Job’s deathbed story about how he sacrificed his health and relationships for his iLegacy. I don’t know if those are his real words: I don’t care. There’s wisdom in that story we can all benefit from.

The busier we get, the faster life flies. The weeks and months are going to pass whether you take the chances or don’t; whether you work a job you love or hate. You may as well go for it. Because life can change on a dime… for worse.

Or, for better.

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