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Fan or friend?

I read somewhere that you can either be someone's fan or their friend. I think this mainly applies to celebrities and business leaders... at least I hope so. Because, I sort of hope my friends are also my fans... but, maybe it's more about the effusive, gushing, fan-mail fanatic than the "Nice going, kid!" kind of stuff a friend might say.

I'm reading Tim Ferriss's Tribe of Mentors tome right now. I haven't attempted a thousand-page book in a while, so kudos to me. It reads fast because he asks all the subjects the same 12 (or so) questions. Think of it as a podcast interview on paper. 

Reading the book just reinforces a truth in my life: I have a mental crush on Tim Ferriss. Meaning, I have a crush on his mind. I don't know the guy, but I have a feeling we'd be fast friends. Granted, having a friend like Tim might make me feel like a lazy, directionless underachiever, but nonetheless, I feel some kinship with him. I'm fascinated by the way he thinks. 

The first time I heard of him was in relation to his first book, The 4-Hour Workweek.It's a paradigm-shifting must-read. Then, he fell off my radar for a while. I've come back to him from time to time between his 4-Hour Body book and his podcast--The Tim Ferriss Show--but I'm not some stalker-esque uber-fan that knows everything about his career, habits and achievements. Instead, to me he's more of that brother who's out there doing great stuff that you touch base with from time to time, but are just happy knowing they're in the world, too.

Anyway, Tim, like me, has a natural and insatiable curiosity about almost everything. He's also an insomniac and an idea factory, which makes me like and relate to him. Unlike me, he has dogged follow through and continually finds ways to experiment on himself and life in general. Admirable.

I often wonder how it would go if I found myself in the same room as him. I'm not easily star struck, and I'd never want to be one of those goofy-ass people who's all, "Oh, Tim, I love your work!" He's got plenty of those. Maybe I'd just say, "So, what new thing are you working on that'll leave me nodding my head?" Because the dude's always got something in the hopper. 

I'd like our paths to cross. I'd love to chat with him and meet the man hidden inside the work. But, there's risk in that: what if he's unimpressive? Or worse, what if he's an impatient jerk? I'd hate to gut my own fanciful impression, but I'd almost forgive him if his hyper-drive brain doesn't allow for much "sit-around-a-diner-and-shoot-the-breeze-over-gravy-fries" kind of talk. After all, I don't have much to offer in trade--his career is "4-hours" [and a light year] ahead of mine right now. But I don't want anything from him either--which would probably be a treat since I'm sure there are hungry hands clutching at him all day long. I'd just like to see what makes him tick. I think I need more friends I’m a fan of.

Well, Tim, if you ever find yourself in Jersey, I know a great diner.

[Hey, stranger things have happened.]

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