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How am I gonna say no to this?

To know me is to know I spent a good year of my life unabashedly obsessed with Hamilton the musical. In my dreams, Lin-Manuel and I share a beer and some laughs over Hercules Mulligan's racy lines. 

There's a point in the show where Alexander is faced with something quite tempting and he's struggling to turn it down. "How am I gonna say no to this?" is the line, and I finally understand his conundrum.

It's easy to go along to get along. It's easy to get swept along in complacency. Things are pretty good. But then, something presents itself and it overwhelms you. It holds you and won't let go. It infests your mind, invades your dreams. It's smacking you at ever turn.

That's how I feel about VENIVIDI. It wanted to be born so badly that it's not really caring what it'll take for me to push it out. But, like all labors of love, it's going to be something I'm proud and blessed to be a part of. I just know it. 

I can't do it alone. I don't wanna do it alone. I need my peeps, my tribe, to crawl out of their security blankets and take this leap wth me. We're gonna knock it out of the park. You can't say no to this.

Cheers to that,


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