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How important is independence?

It's the 242nd anniversary of our great country--the against-all-odds vision of brave, circumspect statesmen who believed they could do better than the colonial status quo. And it's got me thinking: How important is independence to you?

For me, independence goes hand in hand with freedom, but they're not necessarily the same. Freedom gives you an almost limitless leash. Independence suggests you're the only one attached to it.

As a kid, I was chronically independent, always looking for ways to "do it myself." Now, as an adult, I'm still self-reliant and responsible, but I've realized that doing everything solo isn't a great recipe for success or happiness. That's part of why VENIVIDI is here--humans need community.

As you're working your side hustle, converting it to a full-time business, and growing and expanding your audience and reach, let us know what you need, want, and find useful. We're all in this together and we want to be a trusted resource along your journey.

In the meantime, enjoy some bbq, sparklers, and lawn games in celebration of this great American experiment that allows us all to pursue happiness--no matter how we imagine it.

Happy birthday, America.


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