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Preventing creative atrophy

I'm a writer. I often hear a lot about writer's block. Been there. It stinks. But, usually you get over it in short order. At least I do.

What's worse, in my opinion, is creative atrophy. 

This is where you fall into a pattern of doing not-so-creative work, usually in your "real life," and you almost forget the childlike awesomeness of creating for, as some people would say, "no good reason." Well, the good reason is because it's fun. It makes you feel good. It brings you back to life like water to a wilting flower. Kids don't need a reason. They just do it. And, you know what? They don't censor themselves or edit along the way. I've gotten many a macaroni necklace that's unbalanced or broken in places, and it's been given to me with PRIDE by my kid who understands the value of being perfectly imperfect. 

I'm ashamed to admit that I've been spending a little too much time in a state of creative atrophy. I've succumbed to the busyness that is life with active kids in a competitive town with a corporate job. It's no wonder that my restless has hit a peak. 

Life's what you make it. I'm not a believer in optimism or pessimism. I think we all vacillate between glass half-full and half-empty. But, the glass is refillable.

How are you filling yours??

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