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Sit with it

I'm a summer baby, and this time of year is my annual reckoning. Another candle on the cake, another opportunity to reflect and decide if I feel purposeful and content. 

I have to admit sometimes I haven't. Purpose and contentment have changed for me over the decades to mean different things. Now that my children are becoming more self-sufficient, my focus comes back to the work I'm paid to do. Is it purposeful? Do I feel content?

As you might imagine, I'm hatching something that will tick both those boxes in a big way.  And as I get it ready for launch, I find it evolving into something that looks different than my original idea. It's funny how that works, isn't it?

When we bought our house, we always knew it would need a massive renovation. Everyone told us to live in it first. Think it through. Don't rush the process. I suffered in a dilapidated kitchen with legitimately 24 square inches of work space for seven years. I designed and redesigned it. I had a stack of graph paper with potential layouts I had drawn. I moved a door here, a sink there. Maybe a window? No, how about a sliding French door? It morphed, it changed, and at the end, my husband and I felt 99% confident that we had chosen the best design for us and our vision.

That's how I'm feeling about the launch of VENIVIDI--the real launch, not just this blog (which I love because I'm a writer and sharing my thoughts and feelings is therapy for me!). As I've been sitting with this big idea and getting the quackers in a row, it's been evolving, changing, and making itself into something I didn't quite see coming. The kernel was there, but now it's starting to pop.

So, I say to you, as you decide to do something different, to follow an interest, a passion, a spark...don't rush it. Live in it a little. Sit with it. Allow your intuition to come through in the moments when you're quiet (for me, that's always the shower!). Keep a pen handy to jot down the things that whisper in your mind. Those are the truths. Those are the nuggets you need to consider.

Great Eastern teachers might tell you to meditate. I'm awful at it--it's on my to do list to improve. But, if your own meditation involves a shower, a quiet drive, or just staring into a koi pond or fire pit... do it. Get quiet. Let your intuition sing. Sit with it. You may be surprised at what surfaces.

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